Lessons In Blogging- Learning from the Pros

I’m still very new to this whole blogging thing. My only claims to fame in the blog world are my old Livejournal (more of an online diary, really) that I’ve had since early 2010 and which is now currently hidden under pretty strict privacy settings, and the one blog I wrote for Baltimore City Paper before I left.

Because of my lack of experience and my eagerness to learn more about PR, I’ve been casually following a new blog that I recently stumbled across, Spin Sucks. Spin Sucks discusses social media, marketing and PR without taking the angle of “spin doctors.” After all, I’d like to think most of us are not out to lie for a living. I know I’m not. Their recent article, Eight Common Blogging Mistakes, is full of useful information for new and old bloggers alike, from using internal links to making your posts easy to share through social media.

I’ll definitely be going back through WordPress’s widget options tonight to see if I can make my blog available on an RSS feed or something of the like. Hopefully, the link-happiness of this post was useful instead of annoying.

Over the next week or so, I think I’m going to set myself up a new Twitter account, too, and link that to this blog.


4 thoughts on “Lessons In Blogging- Learning from the Pros

  1. I consider myself relatively new to blogging as well, and the biggest question I face is: what do I want my blog to be?

    Is it for me? is to supposed to provide value to other people? etc.

    It can be a powerful tool, and using it to connect other bloggers to articles like the ones you link to here is one excellent way to utilize that social media power. Great job and I look forward to reading more wonderful things from you!

    • Thanks so much! I couldn’t agree more about blogging being a powerful tool. I’m looking forward to unlocking the potential of writing a blog– my primary goal right now is to learn, but I’d like to think that maybe I can help someone else muddle through “learning” social media at the same time.

      Thanks for reading, and I’m looking forward to reading your blog and chatting more in the future!

    • Thanks so much for reading. Your content on Spin Sucks is such a great jumping-off point to explore my own ideas about blogging and using other social media in the workplace. I’m looking forward to reading more of what you write about social media and its role in marketing and PR in the future.

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